Nothing has really happened so far, but the road is flattening out, the street food is improving, and Nick climbed up a big orange bridge for kicks. Here’s a photo.

We ended our day in Nanyang, a small Chinese city, which is to say, larger than any British city except London, and were fortunate to make the acquaintance of a pair of wedding planners, who invited us into their shop for endless rounds of tea served in preposterously small
glasses. Once we had worked our way through the green tea, the red tea, and the fermented tea, perhaps as a test of our mettle, they invited us to dinner. This turned out to be a buffet with their friends, including an entertaining english-speaking businessman who informed us that we were in the home of the dumpling (apparently during a cold snap a couple of millennia back, peasants’ ears started to fall off, and the mayor cooked up a plan to feed them spicy dumplings, stopping the earshedding.) Oh, and there were roasted chestnuts. A great evening.




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2 thoughts on “Nanyang

  1. IanS

    Chinese roasted chestnut. I remember them well!

  2. Caroline Kernick

    Okay the bridge IS NUTS. YOU NUTTER. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, make sure you CAN COME HOME so that we celebrate, for example xxxxx

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