Up to Tianshui

Dried and rejuvenated, today was the day we were to rejoin the main road. The ancient Silk Road finishes in Xi’An and we were keen to follow a bit of it into the famous city, however unrecognisable it may now have become.

Our morning snack(s) was (were) a (few) delightful filled pastry(ies) which reminded us of peanut butter but did not contain peanuts. In Chinese:

Nico: What is inside?
Them: Haha
Nico: What is inside? (in a slightly different tone, this stuff is important here…)
Them: oil
Nico: yes…, and?
Them: flour
Nico: and…?
Them: complicated xynthol based ingredient which even my super duper dictionary could not decipher for us

Anyway, it was good, so if anyone knows what it might be, please send the recipe!

The road was vastly improved from the last few days and other than some testing hills, we had some beautiful descents down toward a normal altitude once again. We arrived in Tianshui just after lunch, though it took us about two hours to convince a hotel they were allowed to have us as guests and consequently to fill in an official online form for them. Included on this form were multiple choice selections with over fifty (Chinese) options… GCSE was a lot easier.

We spent the rest of the day strolling around town, admiring hideous plastic cactus statues presumably mistakenly placed in the middle of the main square and of course tasting the local street cuisine. Soy based drinks are becoming a favourite!

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One thought on “Up to Tianshui

  1. I suppose your cameras are …covered in mud??

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