The Precious Chicken

Dark and misty when we woke up, the hope was that the weather might lift for our ride today but it just didn’t, which was a shame. I would love to recount the far reaching views down the valleys but we could not see much. What we could see was very bipolar: beautiful tall mountains covered in colourful trees displaying their autumnal shades guiding the river down the valley towards the East. Cutting through this scenery, four horrendous concrete tracks: two for the trains, two for the motorway, and not one of them avoiding any village, mountain or valley in the pursuit of level straightness.

We weaved over, under, left and right of these all day, trying not to think of how easy it would be to cycle along the motorway’s hard shoulder, and tried to enjoy the more pleasant side of the scenery! Sorry, Ellie, but there were lots of long unlit tunnels again and we did not have the choice but to go through them! We are still loving the local fruit, kumquats, and delighting in them many times a day.

We reached Baoji (宝鸡, it means precious chicken) in the mid afternoon, found another dirt cheap hotel and wandered around town for hours. I got angry in a phone shop as they were useless, and had a haircut (these are not related).



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