Alex’s Wakhan Diaries – Day 4

Today was the day we left civilisation for good. If the Panj valley seemed remote, then we were headed onto a road which was even more so, a completely uninhabited dirt track tracing the River Pamir high into the mountains. We cycled from Zong – the site of the previous evening’s scrub – to Langar – the final village in the Tajik Wakhan – in search of breakfast, stopping at every house along the way to ask for bread, Nico braving a particularly ferocious dog for the cause. A steep and sandy climb out of Langar began, reducing us to pushing our bikes up the switchbacks. The ignominy of the situation deepened when some children helped us to push our bikes up the hill (Who am I kidding? We loved it!) We made slow progress around a series of spurs, in out, up down, before climbing above the spurs onto a narrow plateau.
Lunch was coupled with a snooze in the shade for James, and followed by a final push up the hill, where we met a Polish couple hauling ridiculously heavy bikes (and we thought Nico’s bike was heavy)! We descended back into the river valley as the sun sank lower, waving goodbye to the Hindu Kush. Again we made a scenic campsite by the river, and while I searched for a minuscule puncture, Nico went for an icy wash in the River Pamir, a core body temperature defying feat which I was happy to concede!











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3 thoughts on “Alex’s Wakhan Diaries – Day 4

  1. Michèle

    On a toujours envie d’aller plus haut. Vous avez fait de très gros efforts.On le voit, on le ressent, vos souvenirs en seront d’autant plus persistants. bravo, bravo mille fois!!!

    • Nicolas Kernick

      Merci pour ce commentaire particulirement gentil. Nous sommes toujours trs content de lire ce que vous crivez! On essaye de rattraper avec les blogs mais diarrhe et activits ont rendu ca difficile! Bisousx

      Sent from my iPad

  2. these pictures of the children helping are so …MOVING.
    the excitement of the day for them for sure!!
    you can really …feel the effort there
    superb pictures of the mountains in the background and the one with the bike …ready to GO !!

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