Touristy Pictures!

Sunday was filled with visits of beautiful mausoleums and medrassas. The discovery that a visa can be obtained on arrival into Dushanbe airport meant I spent a lot of the morning trying to organise to meet my girlfriend there instead of the failed Samarkand rendez-vous!

We spent all day with Julie, Seb and Matt, the latter a double ironman who was very happy to answer all my questions on what I hope will be my next challenge! As the sun came down in the evening and we headed home for delicious plov, we came across a guard at the Registan who pulled Matt and me aside, telling us that we could climb the minarets in the morning for just a small fee – the prospect of heading up one of the tallest buildings in Samarkand was far too tempting for me having been up both Khiva’s and Bukhara’s!








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2 thoughts on “Touristy Pictures!

  1. these blues and golds are truly magnificent …. xx

  2. Michèle

    Très beaux gros plans. A plus sur le blog!

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