Fermented Cheese

We emerged out of our sleeping bags as the sun began to bathe our rubble filled room through large bay windows. I stopped to find some bread an hour later for us both to be invited to our third marital event in two weeks. Unfortunately, we were a few hours early so were sat at one of the tables and tasted every dish of the coming banquet, including a few cups of tea, before leaving as the real guests started arriving!

The road for the day was not very exciting, other than our meeting a funny German motor biker, Seb, on the road to Eastern Asia himself. We agreed to camp together for the night which was particularly thrilling for me as he rode off ahead to buy some fermented cheese he had been told could help with my digestive issues: I am open to all suggestions!

I devoured half a kilogram of this delicious produce, fortunately fresh from farms and without a Sainsbury’s traffic light indicator, before heading to bed nice and early, upset at the news that my girlfriend had not received her visa in time for her visit and so could no longer come to Samarkand.


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3 thoughts on “Fermented Cheese

  1. the cheese does look extra yummy …..

  2. Ant

    so the question is, does it work?

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