Arrival into Samarkand!

We rode sixty kilometres into Samarkand nice and early to eek out extra hospitality from our chosen B&B. Recommended by all the backpackers and travellers we meet, this place is very good value indeed: wifi, showers, toilets, beds and within jumping distance of the Registan all for under $10… Not to mention the wonderful breakfast and tea with biscuits served on arrival!

As planned, we met up again with Julie and Seb in the shady courtyard as well as meeting a large selection of other travellers from all over the world, some on big adventures, others on hard earned holidays! Long overdue, we sent off a large bag of clothes to be washed and headed out sightseeing! Once again, the incredible architecture of certain buildings springs out from parks around the town and impresses even the most seasoned Silk Road travellers. Samarkand, as Bukhara felt relative to Khiva, is much more spread out with a lot of normal city in between the main attractions, so I revelled in cycling around with my camera snapping the views!

After a veg-filled dinner, the four of us went to a couchsurfing contact’s house for an Uzbek party filled with German teachers, dancing and shashlik, catching a taxi home in the early hours of Sunday morning.





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  1. I like your new smiley friend …!!

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