Over Azeri valleys

We continued our journey over Northern Azeri valleys with the intention of making tomorrow our penultimate day of riding before Baku. Stopping off by the side of the road having been ushered over by the smell of hot bread, we ended up eating five loaves with cheese and salad to quench both our hunger and our gluttony! Similarly to the comforting delights of Turkish and Georgian bakeries, Alex and I fear what we may have to eat in China which is comparatively bread free…

Progress was good, if hot, along a very well surfaced road which we have missed since we left the Black Sea coast. We stopped at what looked like a hotel for wifi, only to find out it was a traffic police station, spitting out middle aged men in uniform blowing their whistles merrily every few minutes. They did seem a little concerned about their image with three cyclists sat outside, and the consortium of convoys we met on the road later may explain it: enough mobile protection for all the G20 leaders put together!

We stopped after another climb to buy vegetables to roast in what may be our last barbecue with Ant, and could not resist some of the mutton hanging on hooks alongside discarded jaws, organs and hooves. Accordingly, we have now finished eating our kebabs and apart from a couple of passers-by seem to be subject to a quieter evening with view over a beautiful valley.




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2 thoughts on “Over Azeri valleys

  1. The bread does look yummy !
    “c’est quoi dans le gros chaudron?”

    Best wishes to Ant on his trip back !
    Looking forward to meeting-up with him again over here in GB
    Best wishes

    • Nicolas Kernick

      C’est du pain! Délicieux chaud on mange que ça!

      Sent from my iPad

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