Crossing into Azerbaijan

I returned to Lagodekhi to a welcome of figs and plums which Ant and Alex had picked up as they waited for me – a whole day without figs would be a real shame here! We then trundled in flip flops towards the border and stopped a few kilometers short for a celebratory beer in the sun to empty our wallets of any remaining Georgian Laris.

The border crossing itself was a breeze, cycling past the queueing cars thereby catching the guards’ attention resulting in them taking express care of our passports. The only disconcerting warning lay before the border above us: “Good luck in Azerbaijan” !! We tented up not far into Azerbaijan and enjoyed the dying light of the day as we brushed our teeth on a hill!





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2 thoughts on “Crossing into Azerbaijan

  1. What a lot to catch-up with and indeed …. a lot of “live” adventures these last 2 weeks !
    So glad with all the better news , to see that you are back on track and going down incredibly fast to Baku ! Your pictures and blogs from the mountains are brilliant x thank you all of you xx
    Special thoughts from sunny Spain xx

  2. Caroline Kernick

    yup from where you are, clearly NAILING Azerbaijan.

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