Staying in a Beer Factory

A couple of days in Chumlaki hosted by David, Iko and Tea can be adequately summarised by beer, bread and cards! We were given a tour of the factory they manage and given a taste of its products before a heavy night of beer pong and suchlike.

Monday was a day of new card games as our hosts introduced us to Durak, Joker and Japanese Joker while we showed them speed and contract whist. It turns out they are a lot better at counting cards than we are! Our frisbee skills and fitness came in handy in a quick game of car park ultimate frisbee, however…

I bought a new camera in Gurjaani which I am learning to use, so hopefully will get some good pictures uploaded soon then on Tuesday we decided to have a barbecue by the river, trying out Mzvari (tasty kebabs) and roasted aubergines and onions… With more beer!

Thank you to our hosts for another great welcome! After another night in the tent, we have just found out that FedEx do not deliver to the border, so we will be getting our passports sent to Tbilisi. In the meantime, we are going to climb some mountains. Big mountains. Follow. The tracking page to see how high we go! 3000m is the goal.









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