Signaghi and onwards to Gurjaani

We headed off from our hospitable field early to avoid the heat of the day we had experienced yesterday and cycled straight to Signaghi, a town compared to quintessentially Italian mountain towns and worthy of a visit. Perched up high with a good view of the surrounding plains and some picturesque buildings, we loved the views and the architecture but as with all slightly touristy destinations, kept on being asked where we were sleeping, at 9am!

Alex had a quick look inside the Pirosmani museum while Ant and I ate some cheese and spotted a rather slow Mongol Rally team of Cambridge engineers on their way to Iran. After some complicated communication over the phone and a large language barrier, we sprinted to Gurjaani where we met Valerie under the shadow of the central church and scurried to follow him in his 4×4 for five kilometres to a local bread / wine / beer / vodka making factory.

Now here for a few hours, we have met up with David, Iko and Tea, three students who run the factory and live here during the holidays – generous in their beer and food, we are set to have a great evening!

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One thought on “Signaghi and onwards to Gurjaani

  1. it sounds like you are well looked after again
    enjoy the rest
    Thinking of you waiting …. must be hard for you !!

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