Out of David Gareja

Leaving the David Gareja Monasteries started uphill on the road we had come to despise the previous day. Much to our excitement, however quiet we kept it in the hope of not jinxing our luck, the road north towards Sagarejo was far better. Tarmac was even spotted along certain sections and the further we went, the greener the scenery became as we escaped the clutch of the desert. Although smaller than deserts to come, we gained some useful experience along the way!

Other than a four hour rest out of the boiling sun eating ice cream and three baguettes of bread each (the bread is so fresh and soft it is irresistible), we stopped in a new hotel to catch some wifi and were offered a plate of cakes to go with it! We camped not far down the road and found a couple of cucumbers enough to fill the small gaps left by all the bread!

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2 thoughts on “Out of David Gareja

  1. Ellie and Ian

    Cucumber sandwiches, eh? Not bad for afternoon tea in the desert!

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