Onwards to Gori!

After a breakfast of hot freshly cooked mielies (corn on the cob) and biscuits with fig jam we headed uphill towards Gori and the centre of Georgia. Our pace has been good along some of these roads and we are doing very well relative to when our Kazakhstan visa begins, so we will take it slow to Baku and explore!

Not long up the road we were called over by some guys building, or rather renovating, a petrol station. Being given a glass of beer at 9am was a nice surprise, but being told to wash it down with a large shot of vodka was more disconcerting! Nonetheless, we all obliged in performing this ritual-esque task to then be served up with some cold beef stew and bread, far tastier than it may sound!

Further up the road, without much to note in between other than more crazy Georgian drivers and some delicious flat bread, more local builders ushered us to join them for a glass, no two, or three (six for Alex – he loves the toasts) of their home made wine. Delectable though it was, it did not lack in potency and
regardless of the vast portions of bread and vegetables we helped it down with, we all left feeling rather worse for wear… And Alex forgot his helmet!

We managed to tear ourselves away and let them get with further drinking and absolutely no work, before cycling in some glorious sunshine we had missed for a few days. Just outside Gori, we found a large rest stop with free wifi, electricity and comfy sofas, so have stayed here all afternoon and now camped outside also! About 6 Mongol rally teams have driven through and stopped at this international oasis of tourists along the main road – good luck to all of you!






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3 thoughts on “Onwards to Gori!

  1. Em

    This is more of a food diary than a blog! Also nice side shot of the beard Ant, looking good…. xxx

  2. nathaliekernick

    oh dear …. where is THE HELMET NOW?? !!
    Firdt time we hear about all this wine … for breakfast!
    is it local?
    was it nice?
    you are pretty still in mountains …..
    does it get quite chilly at night?

    really lovely to see and hear you tonight on Skype
    bonne nuit !

  3. Michèle

    Vous avez un bon coup de pédale. Bravo les gars!!!

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