Into Georgia!

We were sent on our way out of Turkey by possibly the most charming family to have welcomed us. The breakfast was delicious once again and my side satchel was full of fresh bread to feed us along the road. We headed back downhill to Fındıklı and made our way along the coast to the border, exchanging our little remaining cash into Georgian Lari; by a stroke of luck, the exchange rate we received was some 20% better than others we saw advertised!

Our entry into Georgia was immediately followed by a horrible main road and a few hours of rain, broken only by our pause to eat some khatchapuri of the local variety in Batumi: bread, cheese and egg. The rain ceded and we continued into the most popular party hub of Georgia – though why it is so frequented is a mystery to us… Along kilometres of beach filled with fairground attractions and eateries playing music past the limits of distortion, we searched for internet and succeeded in finding only ten minutes of wifi with more khatchapuri.

Our trust in drunk (or soon to be) Georgians being significantly less than that in Turks during Ramadan, we left the town before tenting up in a field with a view to the sea!


Beautiful contrast in architecture!!


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One thought on “Into Georgia!

  1. Nathalie Kernick

    I mentally crossed the boarder with you …. and shouted hip hip hourray !! for having successfully cycled along Turkey … country number 1 ! and what a lot of happy stories to tell and wonderful pictures to look at. You seem to have cycled a very long way today …. I hope you find a friendly place to restxxx

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