Sait’s house

We woke up in Sait’s house and headed straight up the hill in his garden to the pear tree of the day. Nimble and agile, he practically shot up the tree and threw down the fruits for our breakfast appetiser. Following the main courses (!) we went to visit an old wooden mosque high on the flank of the valley which his great grandfather had built. Along with some carvings inside which we had to spy through the window, it made a charming and secluded visit.

With our departure time being slowly pushed later and later, Sait reaffirmed his previous invitation of us staying for as many nights as we liked: we voted for 2, the Georgian border being only 50km away and the scenery around the house too good to immediately leave behind. We jumped in the river and introduced Alex to his first rope swing: some room remains for development but a big step was taken nonetheless!

The rest of the day was sadly very much the wrong side of subtropical, downpours drenching the valley and making us remain (not that the constant pastry supply made us energetic) under the porch playing cards and drinking tea. The highlight was undoubtedly using hazelnuts as poker chips, with three different stages of peeling signifying different values! Finally, we were treated to some more great food, and unfortunately our last Turkish dinner, including fish, fresh bread and patisserie desserts!










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4 thoughts on “Sait’s house

  1. Nathalie Kernick

    spoilt today !! 2 posts !!
    and what happy ones again x Thank you
    A bit worried about your free style plunging while there seem to be some rocks NOT that far away !!
    Turkey has been the BEST …so far!!
    Thank you to all your hosts xx

  2. carolinekernick

    what an awesone guy!!! how did you find him!! the mosque is stunning all in wood and nestled in the wild… thank you for all the crunchy details! xxx WELL done on reaching your first boarder. lot sof love

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