Rest day!

Our rest day started as it should with a lie in for Ant and Alex while I was prevented from going back to sleep about three hours earlier by flies landing on my face (my bed is in the kitchen). The silver lining is that, due to the rather unexpected wifi in this house, I chatted via google translate to the neighbour who just came and sat in the garden!

We devoured our breakfast of milk and cereal which we had promised to ourselves for when we first had a fridge, and headed to the beach. Much to our dismay, and similar to all our experiences along the coast so far, the locals do not seem to respect their environment at all and the abundance of litter is distressing. We found a beach which was at least clear of glass and played frisbee, volleyball and football with some kids before trying to surf some waves board-less style…

The rest of the day was spent merrily listening to the Tour de France, The Ashes and music while eating, drinking tea and genuinely resting!

(the picture of the Black Sea is for dad…)






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4 thoughts on “Rest day!

  1. Ellie and Ian

    Just wondering whether you’ve built some sort of den (third photo down)? It looks intriguing…

  2. Nathalie Kernick

    litter … FROM THE SEA ?? the people who come to these beaches? dumps?
    it is a sight….
    what are the “things” behind the volley-ball net?? trailers?
    I like the picture of the black sea…. dad will be pleased that you have seen it now!!

  3. Mark Kernick

    Love that black seawater! Very glad that you have had a rest….. What news re the front derailleur? Looking forward to our Saturday meeting with Alex’ and Ant’s parents

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