Petrol Station to Eynesil

An ill night for Ant (though he is ok now, thank you for the messages) was followed by a departure from our petrol station residence. We stopped about 30 km in by a Hayrat (water source) and sat with them for half an hour peeling hazelnuts before they invited us in for coffee followed by a large brunch style meal – as ever rather good though this time with the addition of halva, a sweet powder cake (unlike anything I have eaten before).

We then made our way to Eynesil and just past it, where we are staying in Ersan’s family’s hazelnut picking house. It is small but perfect to store us and our bikes for a rest day by the sea! We spent the afternoon cleaning our bikes which are now once more satisfyingly shiny and have no real plans for tomorrow!






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One thought on “Petrol Station to Eynesil

  1. Ellie and Ian

    If you’re staying at a hazelnut picking house, that squirrel must think he’s in heaven. Pigs and clover come to mind, though I don’t imagine you’ve seen many of those!

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