Fatsa to a petrol station

Having been awake a fair portion of the night due to all the locals shifting to very nocturnal patterns during Ramadan, we were given our final stir at about 630 by rain hitting our faces at the end of the pier (see yesterday’s post). Never so quickly has Alex got out of bed and ready to go cycling!

We left feeling very groggy and ate some traditional bread and Nutella to help pull us up the hills into the longest tunnel in Turkey. We arrived in Ordu at about 10am and collected Alex’s helmet which he forgot on day 2 of the trip… His head is now protected again! We were then waved by a local / German man into his friend’s bike shop who trued and tightened my front wheel which had become a little loose before sending us on our way.

About 30 km down the road in Giresun, the original exporter of cherries to Europe (what a terrific fact), we stopped for lunch in a very friendly place which added coca cola, tea, coffee and pudding to our lunch order for free, making us feel uncomfortably spoilt and uncomfortably full on the bike!

Proper rain hit us for the first time in the late afternoon and as we sheltered on a petrol station forecourt, the boss came out to offer us to put our tent up in a corner, with all night access to the loo, tea and coffee: Ideal!

Alex has since cooked up some rather tasty bulgar with tomatoes and raisins and no doubt our legs will take us to sleep very soon.







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9 thoughts on “Fatsa to a petrol station

  1. Ellie and Ian

    Typical that it should rain just as you’ve had your hair done…!

  2. Cass

    So were the table and chairs already on the forecourt, or an additional part of the hospitality? It’s just that I remember similar scenes from Tunisia, where people would be living outside at night because it’s cooler (although maybe not on a garage forecourt), so it is a genuine question!

  3. Caroline Kernick

    i thought the parasol said ‘PLAYAS’ as in ‘players’

  4. Nathalie Kernick

    Fair amount of cycling today …well done!
    Must be quite a relief that rain after so much sun ….
    soggy bags to sleep in?? oh…
    Glad to see Ant in good shape smiling x
    good luck with tomorrow! xx

  5. Michèle

    La traduction étant parfois bizarre voila que je consulte l’anglais!!je vais sans doute faire des progrès foudroyants avec ce blog et en plus nous en discutons avec Mamoune!

  6. Cass

    I hope Ant is getting enough fluids if he’s that unwell.
    On a humorous note, if you were thinking in English when looking at the forecourt photo, you might be mistaken for thinking the banner reads “Pay less”!

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