Bafra to Samsun

Having travelled further than expected yesterday, we decided to try and arrive as soon as possible in Samsun where we were greeted by an overpriced beach café. We politely expressed our dislike of their prices and were about to cycle away, when a man who had tried to help us translate went in and bought us a huge breakfast with tea (çay) before leaving faster than we could say “teşekkür ederiz”!

A delicious hazelnut spread – similar to nutella without the chocolate – and clotted cream in honey were the unusual highlights of the meal before we headed to the centre of Samsun and the home of Ersan, our couchsurfing host for the night. Having lived here for most of his life so far, Ersan showed us around, took us along the beach for a walk and to a café selling Turkish ice cream, different to any I have tried before – elastic and delicious! The café had a pretty original chandelier too, which I could not resist to include in the blog…

Ant and I could not stop ourselves indulging in a workout by the beach where we found some bars while Alex went shopping. We came home to relax for a few hours before a plentiful and very tasty post-Ramadan dinner; the precision timing displayed by those who have not eaten or drunk for over 20 hours rivals those on Masterchef!!

Alex’s shopping for a lost charger having proved fruitless, Ersan and his brother tried their best to use all of their engineering knowledge to solder a new one together! Sadly the techno-geeks at Apple have made it seemingly impossible to reach a positive outcome… So, powerless, we are now heading to sleep!





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One thought on “Bafra to Samsun

  1. Nathalie Kernick

    chandelier …yes ! pretty unique !!
    lovely to be able to shype with you today
    I wish you had put the menu of your diner on the blog …. it is so WONDERFUL that people are just welcoming you in such a fantastic way ….
    it really makes it all very special and unique

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