Kastamonu to Boyabat

Following a great rest day in Kastamonu, we met up again in the town centre and said goodbye to Lisa who had very kindly come over to visit en route . The overall elevation for the day was downhill and the first 40 km showed that as we rattled along but a strong headwind and gravelly roads slowed us down later! Two perhaps unconnected sights seemed to reoccur continually: very large birds (cranes?) flying in the valleys and garlic fields; in a 10 km stretch we saw about 15 sellers! Does anybody know if these are related?

Ant and I were treated to lunch with a family by the side of the road while Alex was given a melon elsewhere continuing the generosity we have seen! Coming into Hanönü, a keen press officer rushed towards us and took us into his office to show us pictures of previous tourers. He called the local translator and started getting information out of us to write an article for the local paper.

I personally felt very queasy in the afternoon and had a nap by a police station while Ant was sent to pick up some food off route as we were told not to expect any shops for 60km. Alex and I were woken by three baby huskies licking us from the police station – cute but surely the wrong climate for them!?

We then trundled along the road in the setting sun to find a mosque and a field to sleep in.






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3 thoughts on “Kastamonu to Boyabat

  1. Cass

    Look like storks to me. Were they carrying new born babies in blankets in their beaks?

  2. Cass

    Et puis, une petite pensée pour Nicolas: bonne Fête Nationale!

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