Ethem’s article

Check out Ethem’s post about our stay with him: thanks again!

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4 thoughts on “Ethem’s article

  1. Mark Kernick

    Great article by your Turkish friend Ethem. Ethem, I am Nicolas’ dad and tried to send you a message directly but could not (not enough Turkish?) in any case, thank you so much for looking after the three and also for the post with your article, we loved it!

  2. ColinStephenson

    The article by Ethem is really good (as are all your posts). Looks like you’re really enjoying your tour, good cycling!
    The birds look like White Storks.

  3. Cass

    Thanks to Ethem for his superb record of the day! Really interesting and humorous, and great photos, too!

  4. Ellie and Ian

    Our thanks to Ethem, also – we really enjoyed his detailed narrative and fab photos. What a kind host – he clearly has a great sense of humour, too! We would have left a comment on his blog but weren’t quite sure where to write, our Turkish being non-existent…

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