To Safranbolu!

We left Taylan’s house following a tasty and overindulgent breakfast at around 1030 far too late for any respite from the heat but fortunately with only a short day to the tourist-ish town of Safranbolu.

Alex had a close encounter with tarmac in a tunnel, but nothing a bit of antiseptic couldn’t fix. He now seems to have contracted heatstroke from the hills into Safranbolu at 1 PM and is duly vomiting down the road…

As I was filling up my water at a local Hayrat, I started talking to some petrol station attendants, took some pictures and they offered us lunch! Tasty chicken soup and really soft aubergine and tomato slow roast with pasta and rice, followed by çay! Very friendly of them and typical of the generosity we seem to be encountering in this area.

Now heading to find somewhere to set up camp…!

Edit: just leaving café we were in… And they won’t charge us for anything! No one will accept money for food or drink!








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4 thoughts on “To Safranbolu!

  1. Em Downes

    you’re so ridiculous working out in an outdoor gym after all the cycling……! so lucky that you’re eating (a lot!) for free all the time! enjoying this blog and following you on the tracking page 🙂 xxx

  2. Nathalie Kernick

    ravie de lire et de voir tous ces bons moments d’accueil
    c’est quoi çay ?
    très sympa la variété des photos
    j’espère que les différents “bobos” vont mieux …
    bon courage!!

  3. Caroline Kernick

    “We are getting invited everywhere” !! write down the key addresses to send them little gestures… postcards from london! one day!! xxxx

  4. Michèle

    Soignez bien la tourista.Photos sympas.Courage. Ravis de savoir que l’accueil turc est toujours aussi chaleureux.

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