Heading inland, day 4 towards Devrek

Today was the day we entered rural inland Turkey… Having ridden on a coastal route through tunnels and by a fair few lorries, we then cut eastwards and headed toward ominous looking mountains. We have chosen the least steep road toward Kastamonou, with a max elevation of around 1200m, and therefore have a few Pyrenee-like climbs ahead. The locals try to help us out: they honk their horns, shout at us, and sometimes give us a refreshing bottle of water but really it comes down to grinding some very low gears with very heavy bikes for a fairly long time!

Braking enthusiastically for a junction, Ant managed to rip up his spare shorts in his rear brake while they were drying and so is now riding on the same pair to the next big town!

I was victim of a worrying and unexpected problem: after a couple of days, my rear tire had already worn through on a section of side wall and as such caused two large tire blowouts. Two inner tubes and a tire later, we were on our way again amongst a crowd of children keen to race up the hills!

After a quick scout for ‘accommodation’, we were advised to go to the police station where we chatted our way to a seat, some tea, and enough attention to warrant the commander of the station to look for a place for our tent for the night. We have pitched up behind the station and though we attracted about 20 children to both our tent and our wash in the mosque (they sat there, disconcertingly, and watched), it now seems quiet enough to get a bit of sleep before the next call to prayer.







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10 thoughts on “Heading inland, day 4 towards Devrek

  1. Ellie and Ian

    Tyre doesn’t look cut by the rims, just ripping apart. Maybe you could email the photo to someone for comment. Perhaps your friends at Terry Wright Cycles could advise whether the failure is abnormal or just bad roads.

  2. Ellie and Ian

    PS love your new fan base! Maybe the kids will help push you up the hills!

  3. Mark Kernick

    Keep at it boys, there must be great views when you get to the top! What is the temperature? Looks hot from here

  4. Nathalie Kernick

    Bad news for the tyre….
    this is VERY annoying
    can we do something?
    have some sent somewhere??
    lovely to read the update
    do thèse children try to speak English? can you communicate with them?
    thank you !!

    • Maybe a Schwalbe marathon tire or two To the same aktau address as my clothes are going to? Which I have not given you yet… Xxx

  5. Michèle

    Nous ne pouvons rien pour le pneu, mais ce blog continue à nous intéresser car il remue plein de souvenirs. Sans vouloir vous désespérer vous aurez des quantités de bouilles rondes à chacune de vos poses. Faites les indifférents,eux observent surtout ” la vidéo”…..A plus.

  6. Omer

    If you need any assist from us we can supply you from Istanbul. Did you fix the tyres? If Safranbolu is on your route I advise you to see the old houses there.

    • Hi Ömer,
      Thank you very much for your kind offer, we will keep it in mind if we need anything! The tire is fixed by putting a new one on, so we will just get a second spare at some point. We will be going to Safranbolu tomorrow and will make sure we look at the houses, we have heard they are çok güzel!

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