From Ethem Tolga along the coast to karaburun

Following a slightly tardy wakeup and the realisation that Ant would be the first to have come down with some sort of illness, we were pleased to find a lovely breakfast of menemen which Tolga had cooked to fire us up for the road ahead. We headed out with him along the coast, stopping at his favourite viewpoints, until he left us about 20km down the road to go and welcome one of his friends and another bottle or Raki! We are very thankful for his generous and insightful welcome.
We quickly understood the real reason he had left us where he had as we hit a long, rolling, gravelly road for what seemed like a couple of hours. My recent German lessons came as we became confused whether we were in Hamburg or Turkey such was the concentration of German speaking people! My favourite was when Alex was asked if he was English, he replied “yes” to which the questioner excitedly responded “ah, wilkommen!!”
The following road for the afternoon allowed us to make some good headway as we followed the coast on a long flat road. We have now found a rather dodgy basement of an abandoned house in which to sleep (see pictures), washed at the local mosque’s fountain and enjoyed a dinner of köfte sandwiches and pizza by the sea looking at the sunset (if I step around the green shed that’s in the way – we didn’t get the best table!).
Tomorrow we head inland from Eregli for the next week or so.








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3 thoughts on “From Ethem Tolga along the coast to karaburun

  1. Nathalie Kernick

    I am so enjoying reading all this …
    I hope Ant feels better and that you get a good night sleep …
    yes it does feel ….. dodgy!
    thinking of you

  2. Nathalie Kernick

    Beware the Devil firewater Raki…not a wine but a spirit… of all sorts.. & by the way an excellent remedy for a Turkish tummy bug if drunk neat in good quantities! Mark

  3. Ellie and Ian

    Hope Ant feels better soon – can’t be any fun cycling in the heat when you’re ill. So sorry.

    Ellie and Ian

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