1st day in Istanbul

Emerging from the plane in Istanbul we were greeted by slightly underwhelming weather – light drizzle, worse than what we had left behind…

This continued as we headed out to the recently infamous Taksim Square on the bus to find our way to the warehouse we had organised to stay in for the night. Omer, our contact, greeted us at the square and promptly corrected our attempts at Turkish pronunciation! Recent events in the square were only subtly present in the form of armed police, the odd riot van and a couple of huge Turkish flags draped around for emphasis.

Upon arrival at our home for the day we were pleasantly surprised by how perfect the setup was: the welcome of our hosts, who plied us with seemingly limitless quantities of tea, coffee, cherries and so on was overwhelming. Every member of the office was incredibly generous and keen to understand what we were doing and why despite a significant language barrier.

Bike reconstruction took a surprisingly long time to complete with disc brake adjustment proving tricky but sorted in the end and we finished our day with a wander around the block and a meal consisting of a pile of pastry from the local corner shop.

Tomorrow is set to provide a day of tourist sights as we cycle into the centre and try out Hamdi restaurant (recommended by my grandfather) and look for my great grandfather’s old office!



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2 thoughts on “1st day in Istanbul

  1. Nathalie Kernick

    really fabulous
    thank you
    it’s wonderful to see and hear that you have arrived safely in Istanbul
    have had such a warm welcome
    and are getting organised in a safe place!
    Thank you for organising this blog/website/post/internet/whatever it’s called…
    so many info to look at
    we are (almost!) going to travel with you and share your experience… well..not quite!
    This is really exciting
    Take care
    and enjoy the sightseeing tomorrow!
    xxxx to the 3 of you xxxx
    loved the camp picture and freesbee at the airport!!
    MumNat xx

  2. Michèle

    Merci Nicolas pour ce lien dont nous pensons bien profiter, d’autant plus que tout est traduit en français par l’ordi, magique!!! Nous avons aussi communiqué le lien à nos enfants.Bon vent, Bisous.
    Michèle et pierre

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